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Chelsea Boots first were used in the old Mesopotamia which gave men and women protection from rough terrains. Even in the modern century the ramp and the Broadways have been ruled by leather creation of eminent designers. Having a few pair of leather boots seem to be a great way to accentuate your good looks. Innumerable leather boots styles are today found for men and women both which can help you create a new fashion statement. Leather boots come in different color options and sizes. Some very commonly work leather boots are the famous thigh high ones, cowboys, bikers, short boots, chelsea boots and many others.


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Mesmerizing range of Leather boots:

1) Casual Boots for men: One of the everlasting fashion trends is getting attractive yet comfortable casual boots for men. These are hot selling genuine leather men’s fashion boots you simply cannot live without. These chelsea boots are made with high quality leather carefully crafted to suit all kind of fashion requirements for men.

2) Fabric choices: Most modern lifestyle and shoe stores are filled with wholesale casual boots for men. You can also check out online platforms to get all fabric choices and styles for the boots as well. These chelsea boots even come with lace up options as well. Some very popular choices high end sheep skin or pig skin or fabric based boots that makes the boots look extra high end in their overall looks. So if you are residing in winter countries these are ideal ones to protect yourself with.

3)Functional leather boots: Renowned chelsea boots manufactures and designers make shoes with exclusive features like anti odor boots, anti- slippery boots, breathable and waterproof functions. There are different requirement of leather boots based on the profession one carries out. Keeping this in mind the boots are specially crafted to fulfill varied requirements of the fashion conscious men in today’s world.

4) Men Cowboy Boots Genuine Leather: Genuine leather made chelsea boots are perhaps the bare minimum in the closet of every fashion conscious individual. High end factory production is made by man dealers to offer high quality short ankle boot in the cowboy range which is a hot favorite fashion ensemble. You can also choose formal winter shoes soft cowboy genuine leather boots for men for the chilly months of the year. The leather used is making these boots are made with genuine leather like cow skin and pig skins.

5) Special attributes: Some of the attributes of leather boots are that they are odorless, anti-slippery, breathable, hard wearing and waterproof. The shoes are known to be extremely durable in nature and hence will last you even a lifetime. The leather used in these boots is high end processed leather that is known to last for longer tenure and also withstand harsh weather conditions.

6) Diva style creation: For the lady who loves create the diva look every time she goes one, chelsea boots are the classiest, trendy and sophisticated choice. These are the must-haves in the closet of the smart woman. These can be teamed up with all kind of attires which opens up your choices broadly. Starting from the ankle length boots to the thigh high fashionable leather boots, you can have it all in a budget. So keep the toe, calf or the leg warm and also pop out some skin to make the heads turn towards you. Fashion and leather boots make complete sense for the ladies from all walks of life.

Features of custom made Chelsea Boots

If you want to invest in a good pair of boots that serves you for a long time, then they must opt for branded leather boots. Shanghai Wincher International Trade Co Ltd is one such company that believes in providing quality footwear options to their customers. This Chinese company popularly known as Wincheer and is considered to be one of the leaders in manufacturing leather based quality products. Some of their creations are leather handbags, wallets, boots, shoes, back packs and many others. You can get yourself the hottest and most fashionable pair of the season right from these stores.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with dealers like Wincheer who are retail as well as wholesale shoe makers and get personalized leather boots made. Some of the features of a custom leather boots are summarized below:

Chelsea boots made from Wincheer have very fast delivery records so far. Within 21 to 30 days you can expect the products manufactured and delivered at your doorsteps.

The minimum quantity you are required to order in this dealer is about 50 pairs that is far lower than the general industry practice. So for a retailer this is an excellent opportunity.

There is also a special handmade segment where the leather boots are crafted by hand by excellent craftsmanship. Also the boots are colored by hand to make them look absolutely exquisite.

The boots are designed by high end professional designers who design boots as per the latest vogue.

The company Wincheer is SGSC certified and adhere to all manufacturing policies.
The products are catered across the globe, even to countries like Europe and America.
The boots are packaged in individual boxes which are strong and safe.
They are also delivered in cartons with 10 pairs of boots in them.
They have special boxes that accommodate large quantity of boots like 2600 pairs, 5500 pairs, and 6500 pairs and so on.
They have cheap price vintage zipper black coffee color casual leather men’s boots.
They also use genuine leather men’s footwear for wholesale.

They have a wide range of boots like chelsea length boots, cowboy boots, and high boots and so on for the customers.

The company is known to maintain high quality boots even when they are manufacturing bulk boots.
Their handmade segment is genuinely a coveted one where they get the special handmade shoes that are exquisite to look at and comfortable to wear.

Undergo some more research and then order your leather boots. It is a piece of fashion ensemble you should never miss owning in this life.

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