Leather Shoes: An A to Z Guide to select Leather Shoes

For anyone who wishes to have a picture perfect appearance high quality leather shoes are something you can surely use. They are a classic example of beauty and professionalism. Leather shoes have been worn by men and women for centuries now. You surely cannot pass by the leather boot stores without getting one for yourself. Here in this article all your queries and doubts about leather shoes will be met. Starting from how to get Formal derby shoes to Monks shoes, the right way to care for them.

How to select the correct type of leather shoes?

When you have already decided to get a pair of leather shoes, here are some questions you need to ask:

What type of leather shoe do I want?

When you decide to get a leather shoe, remember that there is a wide variety of shoes that you can choose from! So, do your research in details and have a look at the various types of shoes that you can choose from.

Which one to pick?

Do ask some basic questions to ask yourself before finalizing leather boots for your home. Loafers, Borgue shoes, Chelsea boots etc are some of the commonly chosen leather shoes.

Will this look good on me?
How many occasions can I wear it on?
Does it suit my personality?
Can I try this with the clothes that I already have?
Once you have the answer to all of those questions, make your choice!

What type of leather to choose?

Leather comes in a variety of types and textures. So when getting a leather shoe for yourself, consider what type of leather you would prefer on your shoes. Each type of leather has a separate quality and associated feel. Consider the look and the feel of the leather before you decide to purchase it.

Custom made or ready-made?

When you are sure about the design and the type of leather you want you will have to choose whether to go for custom-made or ready-made leather boots. The point is that you need to consider what are the pros and cons of both of these options. Once you know them, you can make a choice.

How to get leather shoes?

There are two ways to get leather boots and these are as follows:

Local Stores: Most cities have stores which displays leather shoes. However not all of them are genuine retailers. Hence it is always advisable to go for local stores which have a good reputation for selling different kind of leather boots. You can take recommendations from friends and family as well.

Get it online: A popular method of shopping these days is getting products online. There are multiple options to choose from as the online shopping portals offer endless listing of retailers showcasing high quality and varying range of boots.

How to know that the store is good for you?

Whether you shop for shoes online or offline, here are some tips that will help you know if the store you purchase the shoes from is worth it or not:

Make sure that you have a look at the experience of the store. The number of years is directly proportional to the quality of service you can expect from them.
Have a look at the quality of leather boots they provide. Make sure that you ascertain the quality first before making any purchases.

Since you are purchasing leather shoes, make sure that the leather is genuine and not faux.
Consider the prices quoted and do compare it with the quality of service provided.
Make sure that you look at the client reviews to know if the store is genuine or not.

How to take care of your leather shoes?

Whether you wear Brogue Shoes or Loafer shoes, you need to make sure that your shoes are cared for. Leather shoes can be ruined very easily if they are not cleansed and maintained properly. Here are some ways through which you can keep your shoes in perfect health:

Firstly, you need to make sure that you store your shoes properly. Always store your leather boots in a dry place, free of moisture and dirt.

Make sure that you clean the debris which form on the shoes whenever you wear them.

If you walk a lot, you should consider waterproofing your shoes. You could use a good quality wax to do the same. This will help you ensure that your leather shoes do not gather any kind of water stains or marks.

Make sure that you polish and condition your shoes. These two things help you to protect your shoes from damages such as cracking of the leather.

You should make use of good quality tools, such as shoe wax and shoe polish. These products should be especially made for leather products only. Making use of anything less would not help you protect your shoes.

Consider getting special products to save your shoes and to care for them regularly. Also try to get a good quality shoe rack or bags to protect them.

Research more extensively to know about protecting leather and how to take care of leather shoes properly.

Some extra tips for your leather shoes

If you have decided to purchase leather shoes, here are some extra pointers to help you out:

When you purchase a leather shoe, consider the size of the shoe. Do not purchase the perfect fit when buying leather boots. The leather may shrink or expand later as per different weather conditions.

Make sure that you know the color tones which you usually like wearing in your daily life. The color of the leather tends to change as it ages. So be prepared to witness some changes in the color of leather with time.

Always keep your shoes clean. Dirt, grime and moisture will make your shoes go bad fast.

It is extremely important that you get the leather boots just as you desire them. Wincheer is a leather boot manufacturers which can help you get ready made or customized boots done on time. These products are SGS certified, hand colors, handmade and created with low MOQ by some of the professional designers of the nation. Moreover, when you place an order it just takes a month to get it at your home.

Where to buy high quality shoes

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