How Do I Become a Shoe Cobbler?

There are a few different ways you can become a shoe cobbler, depending on factors such as your finances, and the availability of work in your area. Some colleges and vocational schools have shoe repair or design programs, while others offer that type of training through their fashion design departments. If you can find a college or vocational school that offers a program in cobbling or cordwaining, that is one way to learn all of the necessary skills. The other way to become a shoe cobbler is to find an experienced cobbler to work for as an apprentice. If you are able to locate that type of position, you should be able to receive on-the-job training.

Cobblers are skilled craftsmen who have historically been responsible for repairing, and maintaining shoes. They use a variety of tools and machines to perform functions such as resoling, patching, stretching, and fitting. Many types of commercially produced shoes cannot be repaired, or else are not worth repairing, but there is still a demand for the services of cobblers in the modern world. In addition to traditional repairs and modifications, modern cobbler shops often provide other related services such as shoe shining.

There is no one career path you must follow to become a shoe cobbler, though there are some options you may want to consider. If you have the financial means to attend a college or vocational school, and you can locate one with an appropriate program of study, then that is one way to get a job as a shoe cobbler. Schools that offer training in cobbling and cordwaining sometimes have separate shoemaking departments, while others have classes or programs within a general fashion design department. This is typically the best path to choose if you think you may want to be a shoe designer, or cordwainer, in addition to a skilled cobbler.

Colleges and vocational schools can provide you with valuable knowledge and experience, but obtaining that type of higher education is not strictly necessary. Another way to become a shoe cobbler is to simply go to work at a shoe repair shop. Some cobblers require their employees to have a high school education, while others are more concerned with work ethics than diplomas. When looking for a job at a cobbler’s store, it is important to let any potential employers know that you are interested in learning the trade. That may help you find a cobbler who will be willing to train you on the job as an apprentice.


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